New Priorities, Technologies and Leaders Shaping the Future of IT Webinair

While I was digging deep into my research regarding latest technology and where it is taking us in the near future, I came across this interesting Webinair. Although i had to register in order to view the video but I am glad I did. I just finished watching the webinar by Dave Aron from  See Video link Bellow:


The video took me over an hour this is because i had to pulse the video in order to view the chats on the projector screen.  It was a presentation on findings from the survey that they did with chief information officers from various organisations around the world trying to establish what they got with future technology that will shape the future. Their presentation was very interesting and very informative. There was a lots of charts and graphs and lots of information being presented on it as the same time which makes it difficult to catch-up as a listener of course there is opportunity to press purse as the webinar is going on so that helped a lot.

I learnt a lot from this webinar as there are some of technical jargons that I haven’t had or learnt before and some of the information that was presented, I found it tricky for example one of the IT investment that cost billions of dollars gives return sound quite small but at return I think it presents an opportunity for innovation. In terms of business strategy, I found it surprising as it was presented to be so low while most present organisations from past years rate security breach very high. So in major organisation around the world, I would have thought that security will be ranked high.

Going forward, I agree with Aron that organisation need to make choices at the time when there is lots of pressure on organisation or issues with insecurity and unstable economic climate or the budget is quite constraint. So organisation needs not only to have strategies but also to make their choice on what they will do and what they will not do.

This webinar will be quite useful for any organisation who is struggling to learn and gained experience and knowledge from what other big organisations that are present in this webinar do when they have to make choices. Having said that, there are lots of information presented in this webinar and it wasn’t directed or focused on a particular type of business owners so I will advise any organisation to only pick the information which is relevant to their type of business.

In conclusion,  I therefore recommend that IT managers should make space to explore the digital technologies and look beyond business process to business model innovation, and above all, look at your various choices and make active decisions about the scope of of the business which is part of their role as mangers.


New Priorities, Technologies and Leaders Shaping the Future of IT Webinair by Dave Aron (2013). source: Accesed: 03/03/2015



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