An analysis of Information Systems Security Management (ISSM): The hierarchical organizations vs. emergent organization

I found this paper very interesting simply because it encourage organisations to adopt Information Systems (IS). The use of Information systems in organisation tends to help the organisation to meet up with the competitions in their business sector. The short review of this journal was recorded bellow (See video).

” the introduction of IT has made most businesses to grow fast”

As interesting as this paper is, i will have love if the author can explain in details this statement and also to explain how this how the IT has made the business grow fast.

Any emergent organisation need to make sure that there is adequate security countermeasures in place in order to secure data and information of the data users.The use of internet has gone viral. According to internet live statistics (see figure bellow) there are lots of internet users.


Therefore as we all know that internet is one of the best innovation that has ever happened to this technology. The adoption of internet  is  very  much supported by the rapid technology advancement and the  increasing  demand  from  business  stakeholders. Together with the introduction of the Internet with its remarkable  features,  plus  the  free-form  of  policing practiced  make  the  Internet  more  attractive  and engaging.

having said that, Internet  attraction  has become  the  magnet  which attracts  abuser  to  misuse  the Internet for their own selfish interest. In my previous post, i talked about some of the issues that can be facing Cloud Computing some of which are security issues as denial of service attack, Hacking and fishing. Meanwhile such security attack will definitely put risk to information and data of service users.  Therefore this problem has led to many Information Security study  to  combat  threats  and protect  the  business.

In conclusion this a good paper but I will have loved if the author talked about the best security measures that emergent organisations can implement. The author does not go into details the reasons why most organisation decides to  go in for digital strategies to streamline their operations rather than the traditional operational methods.


Internet Live Stat. Source: Assessed: 10/11/2015.

Azah Anir Norman and Norizan Mohd Yasin, International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Volume 1, Issue 3, IEEE Xplore Abstract: Source: Accessed: 10/11/2015



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