About Me

Holla ……My name is Johnson

Currently, I am studying Information Systems Management at the University of Salford  at Masters level , I can confidently say that I am not not new to computing and technology world. I studied computer science at my undergraduate level and I have been coding since the age of 10. I have been working as part of the software developing team of a software accredited company K3Sypro for the past 5 years. Therefore I can say that I am well experienced when it comes to managing computer data and information systems.

I am a musician. I can sing, and also play about Five different Musical Instrument some of which are Bass Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drum Set,
and finally clarinet.  Overall, i am a loving person and people say i am fun and make people laugh (A comedian).

Lets me make you smile a little: First time I arrived at Manchester in England, as I am a french man there is noting bad for you to have a peck kiss at both male and female but i tried this on my first day in UK Manchester…..that was the first day I know the meaning of this sign “pointing the middle finger at the top. 🙂


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