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The Future of Information Technology

In the webnair, different technology experts and officers at   Columbus Metropolitan Club (April 17, 2013) talked about very important six topics but to mention few important ones:

*The enterprise collaboration: This is the concept of organisation to be able to collaborate across multiple aspect of their business and organisation. Cathy (one of the speaker) explain this aspect from people and technology point of view i.e.. putting tools and technology into hands of experts that helped them get access to data or the insights that technology provides. Meanwhile the collaboration which she was talking about is not just focused on a particular economy or country but it is global.

*Security: This is another aspect which which I found very captivating. To my surprise, the speakers for this aspect is Guru Vasudeva and they made joke about his name as an expert in security in the webinar. .Guru explain further about the way most people see security and the issues. He said

“People see’s security as building a firewall round a data in order to protect the data from any external unauthorised attackers, but people tend to forget that there are security threat within the business which also need to be dealt with”

So as we all spend so much time on the internet through mobile phones, computers and other devices, security is a big issues and this will determine the future of protective data and information and also build confidence and trust.

*Unified Communication: Stu Davis the CIA, State of Ohio talked about how combined data and information or integrated communication data can change the way technology operates in the future. At the moment we can see that it is working in terms of different country signing agreements in order to check immigrant status against any terrorism or other offence which can create threats to their country. Things like this are done via technology such as advance database system and fingerprints.

In conclusion,  I think it is true that information techology has changed the way business transactions are compeleted nowdays, large amount of information and data are stored or transferred on mobnile devices such as cell phones, and embedded devices. Meanwhile when I first saw the topic, I was expecting the speakers to talk about some Technology which might be developed in the future for a specific users in different sectors such as sports, health, and some other sectors. Overall, I can confidently say that Information Technology is constantly evolving.


Columbus Metropolitan Club Webnair [Vidoe Link]: Information Technology with speakers: Stu Davis, Guru and Caty. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtyriOhvUFE. Accessed: 11/03/2015