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Day 1 Lecture Looking at organisation from external point of view and Blogging


Looking at Salford University Organisation as an outsider

The first activity that was put across the class helped everyone to participate and set everyone in discussion mood.  The Task is for us a an individual to view Salford University organisation as an outsider not as Salford University Student. Everyone participated and as you can see from the image above that the context map was grouped into different categories. What I learnt from this short class exercise help to see the view of organisation as an outsider i.e. what people think about an organisation which is based on expectation and needs. Some of the factors that we discussed are technology factors, regulatory trends, semantic analysis of pressures that faces organisations and how the organisation should adapt to change.


After a short break, we then discuss about setting up blogging. I was able to get the difference between a good blog and what also makes some blog better than the others. We went through the process of setting up a blog. Although I am someone that is very good in programming and also in graphics so I can say that setting up a good ethical and standardized website or blog is not new to me. Some of the things I gathered from this lecture is that blog needs to meet a particular audience i.e. it need to be specific and draw attention of the audience to a particular topic of interest. The video bellow also put more lights into the reasons why blogging really matters.

Some of things to consider are: Audience, the purpose of the post, the right length, what makes it readable, the use of pictures, techniques, where to start, categories and tags etc.


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