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The future is here: My invention about the use of Goggle Glass technology for Airport Security Check


Google Glass for Airport Customer Service

Google glass technology is one of the best wearable optical headed technology which was developed by Google. This is a device which can virtually do most of the things you can do with your computer system or your mobile phone. According to US Daily times, most wearable technology users believe that this device is too expensive followed by the privacy issues which google glass is facing at the moment.

Google glass has been tested in many organisation and for different business purposes mainly for retrieving and accessing information’s. It was discovered that this wearable technology can be used in a place like Airport. There has been few Airports that is considering the use of google glass. For instance, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark has successfully tried the use of google glass by using two of their staff members to try it on while attending to passengers. With the glasses, the staff were able to answer passengers’ questions relating to airport journey which means passenger don’t have to face a long queue at the customer service desk. This is the feedback from Marie Louise, Director Customer Service care at Copenhagen

The feedback from our passengers and service team has been overwhelmingly positive. We found google glass very easy to use and more user-friendly than other device such as tablets”.


Google glass was also tested in Edinburgh Airport for assisting travellers. There has been concerned about the use of Google Glass in Airport. According to the Big Brother Group which says Airport management must be very careful about the appropriateness of the device in Airports mainly because of the use of camera and also because conversation might be eavesdropped while talking to passenger. Edinburgh Airport executive Gordon Dewar made a statement after testing the Google Glass

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the airport experience for our passengers and Google Glasses trail is a great example of how we’re thinking out the box”.


New Idea (Google Glass for Airport Security)

Based on my research, I spoke to one of the press team at Manchester Airport Sarah Collis about the possibility of using wearable technology for immigration control checks and security. She said “this is a good innovative idea which she will interested to know much about it and also mentioned that Airline Company Such As Virgin Atlantic has tried using Google Glass for customer service at Manchester Airport but not for security purposes”.

I have considered the innovative Idea of a Google Glass Application which enable custom or immigration officer to do all the checks about each passenger at the same spot. Presently the use of finger print scanner as a security authentication is being used at Airports but this application is going to use Facial Recognition Detection. Once each passenger details has been captured on the immigration database via the face, the glass will pick up the passengers face and then bring up his/her details. This will then enable the immigration officers to go through the security questions. In addition, there will be radiography projection function which will also enable the immigration officer to look at the passenger body system to detect any illegal items or drugs. Meanwhile all these will be done at the same spot.


The problem that this application will solve

Imagine how disappointing it is if you are running late for your flight due to unforeseen circumstances and you got to the airport and finally miss your flight due to the long queue at the immigration control. This google glass application will drastically help to reduce the number of delay that passenger face while going through immigration and luggage checks.

Overview of the Applicattion


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